First times

When you come to Japan there are so many first times. My first time to go to Asia. My first time to eat sushi. My first time to live by myself. My first time to wash my own clothes, and make my own food. Lately I haven't had much new first times. I prepared a proper meal for the first time a couple of weeks ago, when I got a lot of meat and vegetables from someone. That was nice.

Another first time happened last thursday, and I'm sure many people reading this, especially those living in Japan, cannot believe this, but until thursday I had never cooked rice before! :O That's right, I've been living in Japan for more than a year and I have never cooked rice. For every meal that I prepared myself I used microwave rice or no rice at all, or I ate somebody else's rice. So thursday that same someone who gave me the meat and vegetables showed me how to cook rice. In the end we completely forgot about it and only found out about the result of my rice-cooking attempt long after the meal was done, though... But thank you :)

But the last first time I want to talk about, and in fact the reason I am writing this post for my blog right now, is the fact that I am in a manga cafe in Shinjuku right now :X In other words, tonight was my first time in missing the last train to Atsugi :'( :'( Meh. Quite a first time. Let's hope I don't have to do it again. The Japanese keyboard at this manga cafe sucks. Ah. A manga cafe is a place with lots of small rooms, think only chair, desk, PC and TV, where lots of creepy Japanese people hang out the whole day to read porn comic books and watch porn movies. It's also the cheapest place to hang out and have a nice, relaxing, private seat without having to go to a hotel. Free drinks all night, and the chair is great. But my own room would still be a lot nicer...

Let's switch topic and talk about a 'second time' then. I signed the contract that binds my evil blood to Asahi Kasei for another half year. I will stay until the end of july at least. It means I get to delay the tough decisions in life for another half year, so I'm kind of happy with that. Just kidding though, I really like the job here, and I am very happy with my situation here, even though I complain from time to time. This place feels like my home and I will have a hard time letting go next year. Another second time: the trip back home in december will be my second trip back home since I came to Japan. The first time was like coming home after a long journey. Will the second time be like that, or will it be like leaving my home to visit my family? I guess I will find out.

Can't sleep! How am I supposed to sleep sitting up straight in this stupid chair? I always have sleeping problems. I cannot sleep in the train or bus, I have trouble sleeping in the plane, and it takes a long time for me to fall asleep. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. Since we are in Tokyo anyway we are going to try some sightseeing. But we have to get out early from the manga cafe because we pay by the hour and if we stay longer it will be more expensive. The 'we' is me and Canadian Matthieu by the way. Us two and Ning Ning had dinner this night at Shibuya and we missed the last train going back to Hon Atsugi from Shinjuku. Ofcourse Ning Ning does not live in Atsugi anymore so in the end it was just me and Matthieu who were left helplessly alone on the terrible streets of Shinjuku. Fortunately we managed to annoy some Japanese people by asking where we could find a manga cafe, and finally we were pointed in the right direction. End of story.

Three more weeks. The Netherlands. Jolly good.

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