Crazy weekend. Crazy Monday. I'm sure the rest of this week will be just as crazy. It all started on Friday. A very nice green curry prepared by our substitute-Thai bento savior Amyko started the night. Eight of us ate green curry in the commonroom while watching 'Home Alone' on TV. There is I think no single person on earth who does not know this movie, and everybody must have seen it 10 times already. It was my first time seeing it in Japanese though.. 0_x

After the movie we decided to do something crazy, so me and the Chinese people went to the river to go fishing. I think at was around 11PM then.. Kamil brought his fishing rod, but we forgot the bait, so in the end we were just sitting at the riverside waiting for fish to bite into the bare hook. Still fun though. After fishing one Chinese person left us and me, Kamil and Ning Ning went to karaoke, where we stayed until 5 in the morning :O Weekend rules! Disturbing fact: two of the recurring songs of each karaoke adventure here in Japan are 'Barbie girl' by Aqua and 'YMCA'...

Saturday was not that crazy actually. Slept until 1 in the afternoon, made pancakes, watched some movies and slept some more. We spent the evening eating sushi and planning our Hokkaido trip in January. So much to arrange before going back to Holland. I guess I'll have to spend some time in Holland planning the final days of our trip.

Sunday we went to Yokohama, for some sightseeing, looking around the Minato Mirai area and picture shooting. Especially for kamil, since he just bought a new DSLR camera. Which dropped, lens down, while standing on my tripod :O Sorry Kamil! At least it's not broken! Speaking of camera's, I'm seriously considering buying the new Canon G7. It's way cheaper in Japan, and if I buy it I want to buy it before I go back to Holland, so this might turn out to be my crazy plan for wednesday or friday... Anyway, Yokohama was great, and the view from the ferris wheel was beatiful. It was actually only my second time in Yokohama, and the first time I only went to Chinatown. Yokohama has a much nicer atmosphere than most districts of Tokyo IMHO, a lot less stuffed with people, cars and buildings. That's just a feeling though, it is in fact a huge city with lots of people. In the evening we went back at a reasonable time, so I managed to get some sleep before work on Monday.

Crazy Monday. I left work early to go to Kawasaki, for various reasons I can only disclose after Christmas ;) Anyway, I stayed way too long, which sucked because I need to start work early on Tuesday, to catch up for yesterday. Catching up on work mostly involves staring at your screen while almost falling asleep. This technique works especially well if you arrive very early and nobody is there yet.

Crazy Tuesday. We're having a party today, to celebrate me and MattQB's leaving. Besides that I think today will be a good time to wash most of the clothes I will take with me to Holland, and to clean my room a little bit. Or maybe a lot. I need to pack my suitcase also.

Crazy Wednesday? More shopping, anyway. I might go to Akihabara to buy a new camera. Or I will delay it until Friday. Or never.

Crazy Thursday? I'm not telling :)

Crazy Friday. Of course, my last day here. I will either go to Akihabara or do something crazy. When I arrive in Holland I will be dead.

('Gek' is the Dutch word for crazy. You pronounce with the awful 'gggggg' sound that nobody else besides Dutch and German people can make ^^)

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