Holland, I have come

Schiphol airport at 4 in the afternoon. I arrived in Holland yesterday.

It's 7:30 in the morning and I'm sitting in the couch in the living room of my parent's house. I arrived in Holland yesterday at 4 in the afternoon, and we were back home at 7. Since I was really sleepy I didn't do much and went to sleep at 10. I was planning on sleeping until noon, but my stupid alarm clock prevented that. The damn thing went off at 6:30 in the morning, which was the exact time I set the last time when I was in Holland, when I had to make the place back to Japan. I guess no one bothered to turn it off for all those 7 months that I was gone... :'(

I wasn't sleepy at all so I just woke up and went downstairs. It's unbelievable how dark and quiet Holland is. When flying over Holland yesterday I realised for the first time how small Holland really is. There's nothing there! Only farmland and highways. There's barely any towns or cities, especially in the region where I come from. It's so very dark. Barely and lights along the highways, and a very sharp contrast with Japan, where it's impossible to find a dark spot within a 100km radius of Tokyo. I will say that I prefer my bed in Holland because of this. There is not a single sound, and it hasn't been so quiet for me since last time I came here in May.

What was going to be a week of doing nothing and relaxing will turn out to be quite a busy week actually. My mother's birthday party, the Christmas party, meeting friends, buying stuff, going to the dentist (yes, really.. yuck T_T )... Today I will take my time and relax though. I'm going to need it since I woke up way too early, and I will probably be sleepy for the rest of the day..

Anyway, here's some pictures for you to look at.
On the way to Narita, somewhere around Yokohama I think, but not sure.

My home for 12 hours: KLM's Rio de Janeiro.
I'm going to Hokkaido for one week after Holland, but here it is already! ^^
I've been to Sapporo too :D
Catching the sunset somewhere before Scandinavia.
My first views of Holland in 7 months!
Driving back home playing with my camera.

Crappy picture of me in our living room, next to the Christmas tree.

I'll post some more pictures later of the house, Holland, and of course, our cats ^

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