Here it is: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buttermilk
We call it karnemelk in Dutch. It's delicious. At least in my opinion. Most people hate it. Meh.

So, I've been in Holland for two days now, and I'm still wondering what the hell I'm doing here. I have so much stuff to do in Japan, and a lot of stuff to do in Holland that is somehow related to Japan, that this does not feel like a vacation or a homecoming at all. I'm still restless. Whenever I feel like I've settled down here again I'm reminded of things in my other life, my life in Japan. It doesn't mix well, unfortunately.

I've been going around making a lot of pictures of useless, boring and normal things, and I'm getting weird looks from my family, who don't understand why I'm taking so much pictures. Weird. Anyway, I'll share some of my better ones here.

Taken in the only city in my region: Groningen. Called the fish market.

One of our 3 cats, Mickey. Sleeping, as usual.

Some kind of weird camel walking around near our local shopping mall. WTF?

At my father's work. He's an automotive spray painter, and he uses this room to clean his spray guns.

Back in Groningen, shot from my sister's car.

The tallest tower in the north of the Netherlands: the Martinitoren (Martini tower). Recently closed because too many people committed suicide by jumping from it's top.

From a nice walk just before sunrise, on the first day I arrived here. This was about an hour after my stupid alarm clock went off because everybody forgot to turn it off for seven months..

Same walk. This place is about 10 minutes walk from my home.

Still no sunrise yet, but a nice sky.

This picture was taken from a small observation tower, put there for people to look at birds and nature. Since it's winter now, way too early on a sunday morning and because it was freezing cold nobody else was there except me. My hands almost fell off everytime I took a picture because of the cold wind.

Finally, the sunrise :) Which is about an hour later than the sunrise in Japan by the way. It gets dark about half an hour later here, too. Japan's time zone is really screwed up.

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