Public toilets and trash cans

I went to Amsterdam yesterday to visit Liou, my Dutch Asahi Kasei buddy from last year. He left last september and went back to Amsterdam. It was actually my first time in Amsterdam since I was 12, so I don't remember much of the city at all. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by Amsterdam. I don't know why, but I expected an ugly, dirty city full of drugs, criminals and assholes (this might be a bit exaggerated). So I was kind of surprised when it turned out to be just a nice, pleasant city with a great atmosphere, and some very nice places indeed.

Today I went to the dentist o_0 WTF!?!? Why do I have to go the dentist every time I have a holiday in Holland? Not my idea of vacation. Anyway, it was over very quickly and I didn't die. In fact, today is my first resting day in a couple of weeks. That's why I don't feel like doing much today (like planning for the trip to Hokkaido, sorry NN! I will say sorry to you another 50 times when I get back :P ).

I'm leaving next week wednesday. One week left here. Not that much to do except partying ^^ My mother's birthday party, the Christmas party, and whatever else comes along. I'll keep you guys posted if I'm not too lazy :)

Here's some pics from the trip to Amsterdam:

Holland has trash cans everywhere, Japan has them nowhere. The opposite of this are the public toilets. Holland does not have them anywhere, and if you do manage to find one chances are that it's dirty and disgusting and you need to pay for it. Screw Holland.

This is the train I have to take from the only city in my province to my crappy place, which barely has a train station.

Amsterdam. Anybody who's been in Amsterdam must know where this is.

Same place, other side.

The canals of Amsterdam. A very typical Dutch sight. You can find (less of) these in the city near my home as well.

More canals at dusk.
And at night.And this is Liou and me, after we asked someone who didn't look like a criminal to take a pictures of us. Since you can see this picture you know that the girl didn't run away with our camera's ^
^ Ironically, we managed to take this picture near a sign for sushi. Amazing...

Dutch trains are nowhere near as reliable as Japanese train. On my way to Amsterdam there were no trains between Amersfoort and Amsterdam, so I had to go through Utrecht. On the way back there was a delay of 30 minutes at Amersfoort, which was when I took this picture. One more annoying thing is that you cannot pay with bills for your ticket, only with coins or your bank pass. I had to buy a ticket to Groningen with coins because there are no people at the train station near my home. Then in Groningen I had to find a ticket office to buy a ticket to Amsterdam. This country sucks if you don't have a Dutch bank account. I forgot my bank pass in Japan by the way :'(

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