Fields, trees, and not much else

So, the last days I didn't do much, except recover from my cold, which sucks. I caught a really bad cold in the plane to Holland and I've been feeling quite crappy for the last couple of days. I'm starting to get better now, which is good since I've got another plane flight coming up, and some busy days in Japan too. The last days have been quiet, and besides feeling sick I've spent most of my time shopping for stuff to take back with me to Japan, mostly winter clothes and stuff.

Also, I can't seem to get up a a normal time. I wake up at 7 to go to the toilet and then I'm either too sick or too awake to sleep more, which produces a very sleepy rv in the evening :( Anyway, enough ranting, here's some cool boring pictures. I found a nice place near my home which looks exactly like the dead marshes from Lord of the Rings. Makes me wonder if it's filmed here instead of in New Zealand..

A windmill! Of course there has to be a picture of a windmill. It's Holland after all ;)

A bunny! Well, they live in the wild around here, and apparently they're starting to show up more again, after almost being extinct in this area a couple of years ago. I saw lots of them on my bike near where I took this picture.

The 'beach' of the Zuidlaardermeer. Trust me, in summer it looks nicer.

The nothingness.

More nothingness and a cool tree. Guess which picture is upside down ^_^

And more nothingness. My province is very exciting. My province is wide. Like pants that are too big.

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