Merry Chrismas! And f*ck off with all those annoying Christmas songs....

Merry Christmas! I want to say this to everyone I know, because this year I was too lazy again to send Christmas cards to the people I care about, like my close friends in Holland and in Japan, and of course my family. I'm not a very nice person to people I don't see much now but used to see a lot in the past. I'd like to apologise to all these people. If I never contact you it doesn't mean that I don't want to keep in touch with you. I don't know exactly what the reason is. Probably laziness. You can dislike me for that. Meh :) Anyway, the people who know me well enough know that I will not forget about my old friends, and that they can always knock on my door if they need anything. And if you didn't know before, you know now. Anyway, I'm forgetting about you guys again and returning to Japan on wednesday, so I guess I'm not very true to my word ;) Drop by anytime, guys.

So, updates since last time. I did a lot of shopping, mostly for winter clothing for the trip to Hokkaido, but also some other stuff. Today I bought some nice food to take back with me to Japan, like cheese, saucages and other stuff. It's very stereotypical, but a Dutch guy cannot live without his cheese ^_^ My suitcase will be quite packed..

I'm quite used to Holland again, and falling back into my old lifestyle and my old self here. I went go-karting with my friends today. It was the exact usual routine I used to do before I left for Japan. Pick them up one by one, drive there, race, and go back. It's funny because they're all living somewhere else as well, and they're all back for the weekend and for Christmas. It's like turning back time to how it was one or two years ago.

My mother's birthday party! It was a special occasion, and we had a big party at a restaurant near our home. There even was a singer and a magician, thanks to the fabulous organisation skills of my father and my sister. The party was great, and it was good to see my family and friends again after such a long time. I've received a lot of positive reactions about my stay in Japan, and I was quite surprised to hear that there's lots of people who still read my blog! That's great!

- There be Dutch from here -
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This is my family. My mother, father and sister. And me, of course. Happy birthday, mom!

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