Chinese restaurants

We have a lot of Chinese restaurants in Holland. Even the smallest town will have one, and usually there's at least 3 of them within 10 minutes driving distance. But here's the trick: it's not Chinese a all! They serve Chinese food of course, but not that much, and most of the food is either food from another Asian country, like India or Indonesia, or food that got kind of made up by people immigrating to Holland a long time ago, so I guess it can only be called a native food of Holland.

Anyway, I got quite a shock the first time I tasted Chinese food made by a Chinese person. It tasted so different from the Chinese I was used to. They don't know bami, nasi or sate. Instead they make mapo dofu, or they do some interesting stuff with peppers and meat, or egg soup, or other delicious things I forget the name of. Anyway, mapo dofu is my absolute favorite.

So there's this really great Chinese restaurant near Kawasaki, and I've been there a couple of times now. Every dish there tastes great, and the Chinese owner is really nice, especially to other Chinese customers, who frequently get one or more dishes for free :) I'd recommend anyone ever in the region of Kawasaki to give it a try. Look for Miraku (味楽)near Kashimada (鹿島田) station. That's my food Osusume (recommendation) for today :D

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