People are way too serious about where they come from! As you can read on Kamil's blog we're having a lot of fun debates about our native countries, and mostly China and Hong Kong. The Chinese people are all very proud of their country. They're very serious when talking about their country, and saying anything remotely bad about China will undoubtedly start a discussion about the good and bad points. I admire the Chinese people's pride in their own country, and I believe that this is a large part of the reason that China is growing like the way it is today.

But why be so serious? I understand that my perspective is very different from the Asian people, since I'm Dutch, but still. If somebody would insult Holland I would probably agree with them, or not even care.

I am proud of my country! I'm proud of Dutch history, and I'm proud of the quality of life right now in Holland. I don't really feel a need to be offended when somebody insults my country though. I think the truth will reveal itself eventually, so even if people think bad about your country, as long as you know that it's not true, that should be enough. Maybe that's too European...

So go on, please insult my country. I'm used to it :) But I also know the good qualities of my country, and I know that in many ways it's a lot better than other people say, including myself. And that goes for every country, including China, which is really not that bad, so stop worrying about it and be less serious ;)

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