Busy days - old and new habits

I used to love going to sleep at 4 in the morning, and waking up at noon, back when I was in university. I guess it's just part of the lifestyle. Recently I'm noticing that whenever I use my brain a lot I go to bed late and wake up late, and when I use my body a lot (cycling) I wake up early and go to bed early. Combining the two would kill me though.

That's one of the habits I've picked up since last week: sleeping too much. Going to bed at a normal time, but sleeping until 9, which results in more than 8 hours of sleep. That makes my brain too much awake and my body refuses to wake up for the whole day. An old habit restored. It's getting harder and harder for me to wake up early in the morning :(

New habits: coffee -___-. I still don't like it if it's raw, but I'm starting to like a Milk&Coffee can from the vending machine at work. Also have no objection to Frappucino. I'm becoming a strange person [-_-].

Work is way too busy lately! Don't have free time at work at all.. I need to help people get accustomed to the company and the tools we use, I'm designing and implementing a huge complicated database driven system together with Alvaro, and I'm involved in all kinds of stupid projects with deadlines :'( To top it all off I had my first all-Japanese meeting today..

I kind of got mixed feelings from the meeting today. Itg was split up in two parts, and as for the part that interested me I could understand about 80% of the conversation. The second part was completely and utterly boring though, since it didn't have much to do with me at all. I found out that I really need to learn a lot more Japanese. As for understanding, I'm sure that I'll pick up the keywords I'm missing now quite easily. But my reading, writing and speaking skills are quite crappy. I tried writing the katakana and hiragana alphabet and I couldn't remember all of the characters :( Formulating sentences is still difficult for me, and I need more speaking experience. I'll probably get it, since people are starting to ask me stuff in Japanese now in the company. That's to be expected after one and a half years in Japan, I guess.

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