Looking forward to the weekend

I honestly cannot remember when the last time was that I actually looked forward to the weekend. Somehow the working days and the weekend always seemed to connect seamlessly, and I never thought about weekend as being more or less nice than a working day. This week seems different somehow, but I can't figure out why.

I've got no plans for tomorrow at all! We're doing a barbecue on Sunday, and we did some preparation for that today, but it's nothing serious, so I don't think I have to do much at all tomorrow. Sleeping will do fine I guess. I am enjoying the silence of my room when my airconditioning and my PC are switched off. Usually I am either downloading something or it's too hot or too cold in my room to not use the aircon, but lately the weather is perfect and I don't have much to download, so I can enjoy sleeping in silence.

Yesterday I had a really long, boring meeting for the whole day at work, so feeling kind of unsatisfied with not programming for a whole day I started to think about a personal programming project during my free time, and I think I've found the perfect thing to keep me occupied whenever I am bored ^_^ I won't say anything yet, because I know myself and it will most likely end up to be a half finished project since I can't be motivated for programming stuff that's not work-related. It has the potential to be huge, and I can start really small. Which is good, since most of the time I will be too lazy or too busy to program. It's a nice goal for me anyway, to have something to work towards during my free time.

Here's some pictures from the second day of Moron no Tabi.

Along the coast of Amakusa in Kyushu. There's a wonderful road going along the coast from North to South, sometimes going up a hill a bit, then down again, sometimes around a small town in a valley below, and sometimes right next to the sea and the beautiful rocky cliffs.

We managed to make it to the ferry to Nagashima in time, and we rode the ferry while the sun was setting on us.

We rode on until dark, and managed to see this beautiful sunset from a hill shortly after our arrival at Nagashima.

As we reached our final destination for that day the sun finally set, and we enjoyed a good meal of rice and Japanese fish ^^

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