The Newspaper Conspiracy

It happened again. Today, shortly after I arrived back home from sushi. I had barely closed the door of my room, when the doorbell rang. They found me. They are coming for me.

They came before. They always seem to know where you are, and they never cease to haunt you. It's like a cult, and it's members are relentless. They will not stop until you are either dead, or a part of their cult. There is no stopping them. They will try again and again until you grow weary and cannot resist any longer. It is a terror every foreigner in Japan must have faced.

The newspaper guy.


Argh. In the last two weeks I must have had a newspaper guy come by room every day to try and get me to read the stupid Japanese newspaper. Sometimes it works to tell them I don't speak Japanese. Sometimes it works if I tell them I don't read Japanese. Sometimes they just try to sell you an English newspaper instead. Next time I see one I"ll try speaking in Dutch. But the conspiracy is broad, and I'm sure that next time they'll try to sell me a Dutch newspaper...

These pics are from Kagoshima, Sakurajima, the active volcano island next to the city. We were stupid enough to drive our bicycles and heavy luggage up 375 meters to a lookout point. 2 hours up, 6 minutes down. Top speed: 67kph. Not bad ^_^

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