Where are they now?

[A] went into politics and is in the running to be the new leader of China. She has announced that from now China will be a dictatorship under her iron fist.

[M] Owns a French fries cafetaria in Canada. Despite his best efforts he cannot convince his friends to visit him in Canada, so he decided to go back to Japan and make a new effort of getting the Japanese addicted to proper fries, so he can extort them and expand his mafia potato empire even more.

[T] has decided to take up weightlifting. Thanks to his giant hammer he has earned great respect in his home country, where he leads a band of internet pirates.

[M] has been appointed to be the next pope. He will travel to Italy in a couple of months where he will be inaugurated. He will survive an assassination attempt and bring world peace.

[K] Owns a pig farm at the countryside of Nigeria, where he teaches African children about website design and how important it is not to eat pork.

[NN] Has returned to the Chinese countryside to live with her parents. Sometimes she receives special assassination missions from A. She tried to use her Chinese Kung Fu to take out the next pope, but she was caught and apprehended by T, whose pirate network found out about the plan.

[J] is a professional basketballer in the USA. Many people compare him to Michael Jackson. J has since had plastic surgery to make him look more black.

[R] is hopelessly addicted to computers, and has spent 6 months in a clinic to get rid of his addiction. Then he was kidnapped by a Japanese company, which has since kept him in a tiny dark room where he is forced to write Perl code until his life ends...

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