Big cleanup day!

Well, that's what it's supposed to be, but as you can see I am writing a blogpost at the moment, so I haven't started cleaning yet :P

Yes, it has to happen, finally. We watched a movie in my room and on the roof yesterday, and that event made my room even more messy than it already was, and it finally triggered my messy room limit. I borrowed a vacuum cleaner from Kamil, found an unused computer case in the common room, bought some trash bags, did my laundry, and now I'm ready to start cleaning!

Plans for today:
- Do the dishes
- Throw away all my garbage (old boxes, old clothes, stuff I"m not using etc.)
- Install my up-to-now case-less computer in the computer case I found
- Try to fix my desk, which is coming apart from all sides
- Vacuum my room and clean stuff

Argh :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Well, it's a good thing I guess. My lifestyle is changing little by little. Less crazy trips to temples, shrines, festivals. Less crazy nights in Tokyo. I miss it a little, but I prefer just to hang out with my friends now. Regular activities are no longer temple visits, sightseeing and great trips, instead I am going to caf├ęs, restaurants and places I've already been. Tokyo is always there, and I can go anytime I want. There is so much I haven't seen yet in Tokyo, but somehow I lack motivation to look for anything new. Lifestyle is normal here, and I'm fine with that. I don't feel like looking for more.

In fact, I think I believe there's no point for me to look for more. My life is running smoothly. Work is going fine, I've got great friends to hang out with any time I want, and Japan is a great and convenient country if I suddenly feel the need to do something in the weekend. It's perfect.

No. It's not perfect. Humans always want more than they have already, and I am no different. I want something better than what I have now. There are only two things I want that I do not have. I cannot get the one thing, so maybe I should go for the other thing. Maybe I should go home.


Did you guys hear about that Dutch show called 'The Big Donor Show'? It's a show about a kidney donor, who gets to choose, through a reality TV show, which one of three persons gets her kidney. There was a huge fuss about it in world media, and in the end it turned out to be a hoax. The program makers were just provoking people. There's 2 reasons why I'm mentioning this here. The first is: the program is Dutch, which is my country :D I'm kind of proud of it. The second is: the whole was done to provoke people into getting a reaction. I think I'm kind of like that too, especially on my blog. I love to say strange things just to see what kind of reacting people will give me. Keep that in mind when you talk to me, and don't take me too seriously ;)

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