We live in a strange world

A world where you walk out your apartment at night and find a friend taking pictures of the sky. A world where you can drive 1.5 hours to a beach peninsula at night to see the sunrise.

A world that's constantly changing. Where people can be the exact opposites of the people they were 6 months ago. A world where people that used to like each other start to dislike each other. A world where people that still like each other don't even talk anymore.

A world where you are free to go wherever you want. Where you can meet so many people from so many countries. Each person unique and interesting. You never know if you can get along well with them or not. Sometimes you meet persons you never thought you could get along well with, and they become your best friends. Or people that are a perfect match for each other turn out to hate each other. You never know what will happen.

It's a strange world. The future is unknown. It gives me hope that, even if you don't seek out new people or new adventures, the people you know today might surprise you tomorrow.

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