Bad luck

Today is Friday the 13th. I do not believe in it. I would rather believe in Thursday the 12th. Yesterday I helped Amyko fix Matthieu's bike. It took hours to fix the flat tire, 10 minutes to fix the broken chain, and then we gave up because there were no brakes. I gave her a ride home, and on the way my tire exploded -__- WTF....

Oh yeah, this morning at work my harddisk crashed. Only 2 weeks ago a different harddisk crashed, and today I was lucky again. At least this time I could recover my data.

This weekend will be quiet. Kamil and me brought Matthieu to the station yesterday, and Zac should be on the plane back to the USA right now. Three people gone. The new French guys and German guy are going with Tor on a trip to Kanazawa. The Chinese girls are going to Kyoto, and Kamil is going somewhere with his family. Quebec Matthieu is going to a sumo tournament, so that leaves only me, crying alone in a corner of my room ;) Hehe :D Actually, there's a ty coming to Japan. I hope everyone will be okay...

My plans for this weekend were to go cycling, but I'll have to fix my tire first tomorrow. Of course that depends on the weather also. If it's not too bad I'll go to Akihabara, and see if I can find some new places in Tokyo where I haven't been yet. Heard something about Yokohama fireworks too, so who knows. I just remembered I have to buy a suitcase before I go back to Holland o_0

Oh, and here's a little something to think about: whenever someone tells you something, consider who he or she is, and why that person is saying it to you. In other words: consider the motive. Thinks make more sense to me when I do this. I think of myself as a person who tries to not have a hidden motive. Do you think this is true?

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