An order of magnitude greater bad luck

Let me start by saying that this weekend was not the most fun weekend I've had so far. This obviously had something to do with the fact that it was raining like hell for the first 2 days, and the 3rd day of our wonderfully long weekend (the only long weekend in the summer, notably) I went to Akihabara. I finally found the lens for my camera that I was looking for since I bought my camera 6 months ago. So I bought the lens, but back in my room I found out that they sold me the wrong converter and I cannot connect it to my camera. Argh Argh Argh. If I was Bert I would be saying so many F- and S- words right now. GFD.
So yeah, great weekend. Did I mention the earthquakes? There was a small one this morning, when I was in the shower. This one was apparently a small shock from the center far away, which was a huge earthquake on the other side of Japan. And just now, 10 minutes before I started typing this there was another small earthquake...

There's a wonderful song from my province: 'tis nog nooit zo donker west, of 't wordt altied wel weer licht'. Let's try to translate that. There has never been a darkness so strong that the light cannot break it. No matter how much bad luck I have now, good luck will come, eventually. I'm really wishing for it. This weekend was terrible. I am going to sleep now, and tomorrow my life will be better. Thank you.

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