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Hey guys :) I'm going home soon. To be honest, I only have a vague idea of what to do. I know you guys are reading my blog, so Guillaume, Matthieu, Martin, Liou, Marco, and anoybody who reads this and is near London, what do you say we meet up in London sometime in August? I'll ask you guys later via email, for now it's just a thought in my mind ;)

Work is too busy! For those in the know, I am working on a program called the ResultsAnalyzer, and it's growing and growing and growing. I've finally got Alvaro going on Java, and Quebec Matthieu is assisting me as well. Pretty soon we'll have a new Korean and American guy, and I'm hoping to enlist Michael, the new German guy, to my Java side as well. The opposition I am fighting is mostly Pedro, who has enlisted the new American guy, Ryan, to his Python side. The Perl side seems to be dying slowly, finally... Anyway, I've been too busy trying to finish all my models and all my programming. I feel like a zombie during work and after work. Especially for the last week I don't even have time to surf the internet during work :( Conbini break is still going on, even though we got another email from the boss telling us not to take such long breaks in large groups. Since then we leave the office one by one and come back a bit earlier o_0

I just realized today that I completely forgot about my re-entry permit o_0. I will need to get it next week, argh. Need to go to Shin-Yurigaoka to get it before going to work...

I've been so drowned in work that I'm starting to forget my meta-point-of-view. Don't have to think about my life, don't even have time to live it because of too much work. My life philisophy: you ALWAYS have a choice. Sometimes you don't know it, sometimes you deny it, but you always have a choice. That's how I live my life, and that's how I deal with situations I don't like so much. Choosing to be in a bad situation is a lot better than being forced to be in a bad situation, after all ;) I'm not in a bad situation at all right now! I'm enjoying my life in Japan. I have a lot of good friends here, and a lot of good old friends in Europe now :) Being in Japan longer makes me enjoy different parts of the country, like having an interesting meal in a nice restaurant whenever I want, or finding whatever I need in some store in Tokyo, or having some cool festival around when you don't expect it. More 'normal' things, I guess. I'm quite happy that I'm still here for another year. I guess it's finally going to be a year where I'll have to think about my future. At least in these things I have had good luck so far, and with confidence and good luck I can do many things :)


Motive. Motivation. Goal. Life. Guilt? Fate? Happy. No blame. No wrong. My choice. My life.

Good friends make cold and dark streets look warm and friendly.

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