What do you want?

Strawberry or chocolate?
Banana or cucumber?
Japan or Europe?
Girl or guy?
Save the world or be rich?
Be average for your whole life, or stand out?
Live a boring but happy life, or a life where you are sometimes deadly depressed and ultimately happy?
Mouse or keyboard?
Headphones or speakers?
Plane or ship?
Disposable cups or doing the dishes everyday?
Ex-girlfriend or new girlfriend?
Work late or be bored at home?
Tropical climate or arctic?
Trains or buses?
Spend 2 hours fixing your bicycle, or take it to the shop and pay money?
Go back home for 3 weeks and be bored in Holland with your parents, or go home for 2 weeks and be bored with your friends in Japan?
Right or left?
Happy or sad?
Peanut butter or Jelly?
Cheese or mustard?
Techno gadgets or jungle life?
Helping children in Africa or working for a multinational company?
Go to a party in Tokyo and spend money or save money and have calm fun in Atsugi?

Is there a right answer?

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