Back in Dutchland

This picture I took at 21:00 during sunset, which is quite late in Holland compared to Japan. This is what my province looks like (sometimes) ^_^

I managed to catch the flight, get back to Holland, and get back home, thanks to my parents, who were waiting for me at the airport. My first impression: it's so cold here! o_O It's summer though, but it's about 10 degrees colder than in Japan. Quite refreshing. The sky is bright blue, the grass (which I also didn't see in Japan) is wonderfully green, and it's great weather. My parent's told me I brought the good weather with me, because it sucked before I came here. It seems that I also escaped the ty currently approaching the north of Japan. Good luck to my friends trying to head up north to see the festival in Aomori. Be careful, guys!

I'm slowly getting used to being back in Holland, and being back home with my parents and my sister :O I found that I'm starting to appreciate Holland in a different way. I like the people, and I like the nature in my province a lot, but as I stay away longer from home, I find myself feeling less and less at home. It's interesting, and this feeling actually makes me appreciate my stay here more :)

I'll post some pics later, but it's almost dinner time (every day exactly at 18:00...). ttyl

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