A dark and dreary day

But it's not all bad. It's just after dinner now, and it's starting to clear up! Yesterday my parents and my sister gave me a wonderful birthday present: a Canon 400D! ^_^ I've been playing with it all day yesterday, and today Shanna brought me to a cool photo store. We got some cool filters, but I think I'll hold out on buying lenses until I'm back in Japan. They're a lot cheaper there :O

Anyway, here's some pics. They also gave me a 70-300mm zoom lens, and I was playing with it just now after the weather cleared up :D

A Dutch castle (according to the sign anyway...)

Playing around with an infrared Cokin filter. The flare is because I don't have an adapter for my lens, so I just put it in front of the camera.

Playing with the zoom lens. This is one of our cats called Gracey, pronounced often as 'crazy', or, in Dutch English 'craysee'.

Here he is again, catching dinner for tomorrow.

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