Maintenance and a new toy

Warning! I'm going to talk about work :P

Lately I've been very busy with programming. And not the nice part of the programming, it's the part I like least: maintenance. Programs I wrote a long time ago need fixing and improvement, so I have to look up my old code again and try to figure out what the hell I was thinking when I wrote it. Since I started to work here I wrote a lot of programs that were used by other people. Some programs are no longer used because other people made better programs, but about 5 of them seem to stick, so they need maintenance. This maintenance mainly consists of fixing bugs that were reported during the years. Of course I was always busy, so I just moved it to do the todo list. It seems that it's finally caught up with me... T_T

I'm working on a complicated program called VisNet. It has little to do with the actual speech recognition. It requires a lot of graph theory and hard thinking though, and it really breaks my brain to think about the program and to try and understand the code I wrote a long time ago. It's by far the most difficult program I wrote, but it's also really cool ^_^

Now for something completely different: I got a new toy! New lens arrived this morning. I should hate myself for spending so much money, but I am actually quite happy with it :D It's a Canon 28mm f/1.8 lens, so after including crop factor it becomes a 45mm lens. I haven't made any good pics yet, but I did take a night shot from my balcony, which shows the diaphragm off quite nicely. (look at the lights shining like stars). More later!

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