3.pngThat is how I would describe today. Bad. I don't know where to start so I'll just list the stuff that happened today. In the morning I went cycling to the seaside, but on the way back I hit a person, who fell down on his ass. He called an ambulance just to make sure. The ambulance people then called the police. Just great. I had to explain to the ambulance people and the police how the accident occurred, and that I couldn't see the guy because of the huge car in front of him which was turning into the main road, and that I didn't hit him that hard at all and mostly managed to avoid him. Well, at least the police called me later to tell me that the hospital checked the guy and there was nothing wrong with him, just some bruises...

I cycled 50 kilometers today. And I worked 7 hours too. Going to the seaside and back is about 25 kilometers, but I had to go again in the evening because I wanted to apoligize to the man, and because there was insurance stuff to sort out.. I figured I'd better buy him some apology present, but of course the store I wanted to go to was closed, and a bird shat on my head. Just great. I managed to say the word 'fuck' about 173 times today.

But there's good thing too. Actually there aren't, but this whole situation has shown me how accustomed I've come to my situation here, and how normal my so-called 'abnormal' lifestyle has become. When something truly abnormal happens it's quite different from looking for and expecting abnormal things to happen, or trying to make them happen yourself. In this case the shock made me realise how much I am looking for my friends to keep me company here. It's been a while since I've done stuff by myself, and I've grown used again to having people around, even if I don't seem to appreciate it sometimes.

It also made me realize that this was by far not the worst day of my life. It puts things back into perspective. Sure, I can have a crappy day or two, but it's been a lot worse before. Things turned out all right this time, and I learned something for next time. And I had a good exercise too T_T. Finally, and perhaps the most interesting, it has taught me something interesting about my boss, a realization that suddenly made me understand him a lot better.

Interestingly enough, when I came home, I found that my iPod had been playing songs for the whole day because I forgot to turn it off in the morning when the accident happened. The battery's half full now, not bad for about 12 hours of playing music.

Wendy told me this: 乐极生悲, which might roughly translate as "Remember when joy reaches its top, it is sorrow’s start". True words, from my experience. After going up something must come down. But I don't think I've reached my highest peak yet.

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