...enjoying the weekend :) Saturday I cycled 50kms and it seemed too easy! Next time I'll try to go further. The trick is cycling on the road and not being scared of the being trucks passing you at 5cm distance. If you can stomach that then you can go really fast. I had planned for my trip to take for most of the day, and I was planning to take it easy, but I found that I've been to most of the places around here anyway, so I just went fast, and finished up the trip before 3PM. I went to Enoshima and did not take a single picture! After Australia and Shikoku I completely lost all inspiration to take photos...

So on Sunday I was thinking of going to Tokyo, but I couldn't really find a good reason for it, so I just stayed at home, played games and watched movies. Of course I did a little cleanup and some organizing of the stuff in my room, but nothing big really. Well, I've just about reached my limit of doing nothing during weekends though. Next weekend I'll need to do something. Anything. I was thinking of cycling to Izu and camping there for one day, but besides that the interns want to organize a barbecue and a camping trip, and I might finally get enough people to go go-karting with me. Enough fun ideas to go around.

This is my weekend:

My room got upgraded! Instead of one light I now have two... Thanks to Amyko and Wendy, who provide light in my life, 50% each ;)

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