Yup, it's still there.

Went to the lake today. Took 1 hour to get there, about 30-40 mins to get back. Although it started to rain on the way back, which did not make me very happy... So after that I've just been doing laundry, watching Monty Python and slacking off, mostly. Programming contest tonight. Yay. Need to be awake >_<

Also, for no particular reason, here is a picture of my plant and my pet from last December.

... so, the laundry finished. The dryer decided to restyle half of my shirts in a very fashionable light blue...

Those used to be white T_T. It doesn't look that bad, actually o_0.

The youth heim keeps getting worse by the way. The toilet in the commonroom hasn't been fixed since it broke down in the summer of 2007, washing machines keep on failing more and more and right now there's only one dryer that works well in the whole building. It's about time to start complaining...

Oh, I almost forget: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister who turned 2x yesterday! ;)

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