Rainy season

The rainy seasons' downfall has come, and I misunderestimated it...

Anyway, got the IR filter today, but haven't gotten a chance to try it outside due to terrible weather.  I tried it inside and it works well on the Minolta DImage 7, and it's not even that bad on my 400D, but on the G7 it does nothing at all. Which is not too bad cause I don't have a filter holder for that camera anyway.

Besides that I'm working on converting a USB rocket launcher into a time-lapse video tool. I'm planning to mount my G7 on top of it, and I will control the launcher by PC so that it will rotate the camera very slowly while making the time lapse video. This will save me a huge amount of money and trouble, since all I have to do to make it work, is create a program that can move the launcher automatically over the course of one session. Most of the work is done in fact, and there's just some small kinks to work out. When it's done I'll post it here so other people can benefit from it too.

Yesterday I went to Akihabara and I had a chance to try out two of the new all-range stabilized lenses by Sigma and Tamron. I tried the Sigma 18-200mm (stabilized, I forgot what Sigma calls it...) and it was utter crap. I think the lens I tried might have been defective because the result was absolutely terrible. It wasn't usable at all at 200mm. Of course the f/6.3 aperture doesn't help either... So then I tried the Tamron 28-300mm and it was perfect. The images were incredibly sharp, and I could see the stabilizer kick in much more strongly (in the viewfinder) than even the Canon lenses, whereas I couldn't see any stabilization using the Sigma. It made the Tamron way more usable at 300mm than the Sigma was at 200mm.

That's all. More later. I hope I can show you some infrared shots or moving time-lapse videos next time.

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