The creature from hell

There I was, sitting in front of my screen. The room was dark. The only source of light was the screen, giving off a cold, white light. It was late. After midnight. The rain was making tapping noises on the roof. Suddenly, I heard a noise. It was a vague buzzing noise, and I couldn't quite locate the source. Then, out of nowhere I felt a horrible feeling on my foot. I reacted as fast as I could, but I was too late. There was nothing there now. But I knew what had happened. One of the creatures had injured me.

I was in need of medical attention. Severely wounded by the horrible creature that attacked me, I had no choice but to wait helplessly for it to strike again. I sat there in front of my screen waiting for the creature to appear again. But it didn't. I waited for hours and hours, ready to strike with my hands, the only weapon available to me. But to no avail. The creature did not come.

I gave up. There was nothing there. I decided to resume my activities. I isolated from the world and resumed my task. But then, suddenly, I felt a strange feeling on my right hand, a faint tickling sensation. I did not even look down before I struck. I clapped my hands together in the faint hope that the creature would somehow be slow enough for me to kill it. My attempt, uncoordinated at best, did not give me much hope. The feeling on my right hand was gone, and as I looked at the back of my right hand I concluded that the creature was gone as well. I had struck before it had a chance to sting me.

The struggle would have to continue. I was ready to prepare for war. I needed to get serious and get the big guns out. Only a few meters away, my electric painstick, capable of killing hordes of creatures in one strike, awaited me. It was hidden in a secret compartment in my room so that the creatures would not find it. I was about to uncover it when I noticed something. My left hand had blood on it. Horrified, my mind ran to conclusions. Did the beast attack me again without noticing? Was there more than one? Was the attack more deadly than I imagined? There was a significant amount of blood there, right between two of my fingers. And then it hit me. All the pieces fit together, and the conclusion formed in my mind. I looked at my right hand again, and as before there was nothing to see there. There was nothing to see on the back of my hand! I slowly, surely turned the palm of my right hand to face towards me. In my mind I already knew the horror that would await me. And it was true. Lying in the palm of my right hand there was the creature. Covered in blood. Dead. Now all that was left for me to do was to expose of the body. And that I did.

I turned back to my screen, resuming my work. This creature was the first of many. But I am ready for them now. Let many more come, and their blood shall stream from my hands. This time, I will succeed. Let them come.

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