Cyclographing - cycling while photographing, or, photographing while cycling. I used to enjoy hanging a camera around my neck or my wrist and going out cycling around the Atsugi area. I don't do that a lot recently. Mostly because I've been practically everywhere in a 20 kilometer radius. Recently I'm looking for different ways to take pictures of the stuff I already know. I'm trying infrared filters, time lapse videos, taking movies while cycling instead of taking snapshots on the way, and today I tried to mount my camera in front of my steering wheel to take a time lapse video while cycling. The end result, unfortunately, turned out horrible.

It's blurry. Very blurry. It was too dark already when I started cycling, and I didn't set up the camera correctly. I tried to take an interesting route, but I ended up on a dirt road a couple of times, I found a dead end once and as a highlight I somehow managed to steer exactly into the central train station of Hiratsuka... Those are just route issues though, and I'm sure it would have been an interesting video had the camera been set up properly. Next time I'll make sure not to make the same mistakes.

Here's the video:

And here's the setup. It helps to have a touring bicycle in these cases :D

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