Slow days

Went cycling this weekend. Two day trip to Izu. It was great in terms of cycling, but I cannot find the inspiration to try and take good pictures. I didn't take many photos. I did swim in the sea though. It was quite an interesting trip. If anything, it's shown me how close the outside world is from where I live. In one day I can reach a beautiful place. In two days I can be somewhere I've never been before. 

Playing around with Photoshop. Color makes a big difference. I've been thinking about buying a new camera. And a new lens. I want to switch my 17-85mm for the new 18-200mm that Canon's announced. Since I'm cycling a lot an all-range lens like that would be great. We'll see though. I can feel another interesting period coming up. The next few months my life will be crazy again.

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