Beijing, why not?

Went to Beijing this weekend. Met Amyko. Took pictures. Did a bit of sightseeing. Did a bit of shopping. Did a lot of relaxing. Good. There's something strange about China. Something that makes me feel at home. It's so different from Japan. When leaving Japan and arriving in China, I found I disliked Beijing for everything that was different from Japan. After leaving Beijing I found I disliked Japan for everything that was not like Beijing. 

Crowded, chaotic, dirty and smoggy! That's Beijing. But it's also huge, wide and with lots of atmosphere, something that Tokyo lacks in a lot of places. You can't find the kind of.. moody streets that Beijing has in Tokyo. Beijing has a history, and you can see it. The brick walls of the city speak a lot more than the cold neon lights of Tokyo. 

Without going into detail, I present you a rather poor picture of the back side of the Forbidden City. As usual, I promise to post more pictures later. If I'm not too lazy o_0


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