I observe

I finally got bored enough to visit facebook again today, after several months away from it. I can't say I miss it really. Social networking sites are not my thing, I guess. I'm just too lazy to keep track of everything. The same thing happened to my facebook profile as did to my Hattrick.org football team: it got neglected. But it still survives. Oh well. I took the liberty today of adding a particularly hairy picture of myself on Facebook. 

In other news: I went to Akihabara last Sunday. The last couple of times I went I did not like it at all anymore, and I was just not interested in anything anime or manga-related. This time though, I quite enjoyed my trip. I found a couple of new toy stores, and one of them had a huge collection of Transformers, including some rare ones over 20000 yen. I have no urge at all to buy anything though, not Transformers, not anime, not manga. I used to buy artbooks but I feel like downloading them these days. At least they're more portable that way. Still, the annoying but uplifting songs, the weird Japanese people, the Turkish kebab places (thank you Turkish people kebab is the best!) and the ugly girls in maid costumes make for an interesting experience. I'm rediscovering my otaku roots! :D

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