What's the worst that could happen?

Thank you, family and friends, for pointing out to me all the possible things that could go wrong during my trip to South Africa. I present to you here a list of all the horrible things suggested so far:

  • Getting drugs planted in my luggage at the airport and spending years in jail or getting the death sentence
  • Plane crash on the way to Africa
  • Plane crash from Zimbabwe to South Africa
  • Get my luggage stolen or lose it in the airport of hotel
  • Get robbed
  • Get shot
  • Get shot in a slightly different way
  • Get shot, but in a more horrific manner
  • Get shot, again
  • Die from malaria
  • Almost die from malaria
  • Don't get any disease and get annoyed because I paid so much money for the vaccinations
  • Die from malaria again
  • Be bit by a spider in the tent. Either become spiderman or die
  • Same scenario, but snake
  • Same scenario, but lion
  • Same tent, but getting trampled by an elephant
  • Get rabies. Die because I was too cheap to get the rabies vaccination
  • Get rabies and feel miserable despite having the vaccination
  • Various other kinds of diseases are available too!
  • Have sex with a hot girl and get aids
  • Have sex with an ugly girl and get aids
  • Have sex with a guy and get aids -__-
  • Get stung by a mosquito and get aids (do you see now how much that would suck?!)

Ok, I'd better stop here. I'm going to Africa! What's the worst that could happen? Well, it can't be much worse than anything listed here, so whatever happens, I will be prepared :D

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