The Lake

Today I went to the lake for the 6th time. I went there two times by myself, two times with a large group, and one time with Kamil to prepare ourselves for a crazy cycling trip. Today I went by myself, just because the weather was nice. I've never been there before during sakura season so it was interesting to see. That being said, it really is the end of the sakura season already, and the trees are losing their cherry blossoms fast. That in itself is a beautiful sight too. I hope you can share the experience from this movie (watch it in HQ).

More pictures on Picasa, as usual.


Cycling stats:

  • Total distance: 47km
  • Average speed uphill route: 8.32km/h (including pauses)
  • Average speed downhill route: 13.37 km/h (including pauses)
  • Max speed: 42km/h

I like my brakes. They keep me from dying.

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