The iPod classic never fills up! I simply don't have enough crap to copy to it, even after copying all the anime I wanted to see. Incidentally, don't copy anime to an iPod. The screen is way too small to see the subtitles...

I finished Clannad today. It's just a typical schoolgirl anime much like Kanon and Air (it was made by the same people). The storyline barely had any surprises, and the characters were quite one-dimensional and predictable. That being said, I had a great time watching it, and found it to be even better than Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, which is another anime I watched recently that I really liked. Clannad fits perfectly in that little pocket of 'virtual Japan-space', where so many anime exist in. Things happen that could never happen in real life, and characters do things that you normally wouldn't expect people to do, but because it's anime it somehow fits, and everything makes sense.

This is a problem of anime that I've encountered a lot recently: it requires the right mindset and a familiarity with the culture to enjoy it properly. I've been trying to get Wendy into anime recently (we've all been trying!) and failing, either because the characters are unrealistic, the storyline is unrealistic, or she's simply not familiar with a lot of 'traditions' of anime. Even though anime still fails to entertain my friends, I've been picking up the pace for the past few months and finding more and more good new anime to watch. Still. I wonder if there will ever be an end to it. Anime certainly pushes the limits of human creativity to its limits. Did I mention that the two anime I've linked to in this past were both based on a game? One of them was an erotic game, even. Japanese people will at this point shrug their shoulders and move on to the next topic, whereas Western people will stop and stare in wonder at their screens. Overly worried parents may at this point spit their coffee at their screen and wonder what is wrong with society these days.

Tomorrow is my last working day before leaving for Africa. I'm working on a speech recognition demonstration for Google's Android mobile phone platform. The demo will be part of my companies' showcase at the ESEC convention in Tokyo Big Sight. The demo is mostly done, but I still have some loose ends to tie, so I'll be busy tomorrow. Ganbarimashou >_<;

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