Seaside and back: 1h12m. That makes 36 minutes on average. This time I didn't take a break halfway through because the beach is blocked off, and you can't get on it :(

Cycling is way more epic than running! When running on the limit I just feel tired and dead, although maybe that's because of the huge dark area that we run in with not a soul to be seen around you. Cycling on the other hand takes me along a marginally busy road, two lanes on each side and not a single polite Japanese driver would dare to bother a lonely loonatic cyclist driving on the road in the middle of the night. There's just enough traffic lights for me to gather my breath between sprints, but not enough to be annoying. And the best part is that I can keep up with cars for more than half of the way thanks to these traffic lights. If I time my speed just right I can cycle through the traffic lights with little or no stopping, and the cars are always stuck in front of the traffic lights, waiting. I can't tell you how great it feels to give it all you can at the traffic light, stay ahead of the car for as long as possible, get overtaken, and then overtake the car again at the next traffic light. It's the perfect workout. Very satisfying.

Ok. Time for a shower.

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