Let's killing cockroaches!

So, today I prepared for the counterstrike. Shieri, our lovely internship coordinator, provided me with some pictures of cockroach killer equipment, which I printed out and took with me to the store. In hindsight this was not necessary as everything against cockroaches has a huge picture of a cockroach on it. Of course. But that does not matter. What matters is that I returned to my room with WEAPONS OF MASS COCKROACH GENOCIDE.

So. Yes. First of all here's a cute little cockroach house. Everything in Japan is cute, even the cockroach-killing-contraptions.


Slightly less cute is this silvery thingie from a brand called Combat. Appealing to die-hard war veterans it has a professional look, a nice color scheme and a little picture of a peanut in the bottom-left corner. What more could a man want.


Finally, and this is my favorite, is the final resort. Sometimes the battle must be won by hand-to-hand combat, and one must have a weapon. A powerful weapon. And by GOD this is something that makes you feel MANLY when you hold it. Behold, a can full of DEATH!


The traps have been laid. Now I wait.

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