More windmills


Whenever I'm back in Holland to visit my parents I go to this place. It's a natural area with at the end a bird-watching tower that has a great view over the lake that my parents live next to. On the way to the birdwatching tower there's this strange 'American-style' windmill that I like to take pictures of. This time I gave the hand-held HDR trick a try. As you can see it's quite tricky, even with 1/4000s shutter time, to take three pictures of the same thing. Oh well.

I remember this particular excursion very well because I hurt my head while climbing the tower. The top area of the tower is shut off by a wooden hatch that you need to flip open to enter. I flipped it open, climbed up the ladder a bit more, and the very heavy hatch suddenly decided to come crashing down on my head :( Fortunately there was no serious damage, but my psychopath level has risen slightly since the incident. Here's a pic of the path to the tower (clickable):


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