A multilingual development environment

I've been cleaning up a bit at work, and I rediscovered a file with various quotes that the interns and I thought funny enough to log. I'll share some of them here, for nostalgias sake. I omitted the names and the countries cause I don't want to offend people. It's been a great couple of years, and there's a lot more quotes besides these, but these are the only ones that are quite context-free and devoid of vulgar language ;)

On countries, language, culture and misunderstandings

Intern W: Your English has Dutch accent.

(Dutch) Intern M: That's because I was speaking in German

Intern W: our company has a lot of Cancer

(but she meant the zodiac sign)

Intern W: Fish talks to fish, boss talks to boss, it's a japanese way, huh?

Intern S: How do you spell stairs in Japanese (romaji)?

Intern M: K.... A... III'm drunk!

Intern W: I know Yoda. He killed Jesus.

(Note: Yoda != Judas)

Intern Q: So the power bars are not protected against surgery?

Intern W: you should break your brain (let your brain take a break)

French Intern L: Did you buy French water?

American Intern R: Yes

French Intern L: Thank you

Intern B (native English speaker): English is a terrible language

On work

Intern A: (about programming-related tool) This is shit.

Japanese Employee K: Sou da ne. (yes, it is)

Intern A: That's not very subtle, is it?

Intern R: It's a rocket launcher.

(Note: USB Rocket launcher)

Intern K: do you know anything about polymorphosism?

Intern D: in order to use a speech recognition system, first you must be able to speak properly

Intern L: I would like a job with less focus on work

Intern W: R,tell me how to let PC shut up at fixed time.

Intern W: (complicated boolean question)

Intern R: Yes, I am 95% sure of that

Intern W: haha,I'm 95% thank you

Intern R trying his security card: it doesn't work!

Intern W: that's because you are bad personality.

Intern R: Every Japanese person in any kind of vehicle will eventually fall asleep and fall on you

Intern to M to Intern R: here's a copy of the scientific paper, because you probably didn't get it.

Intern W: But my [speech recognition] model is not wrong! It's just DIFFERENT!

Good times!

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