It's dere!

Solid State Disk arrived ^_^

It's actually 2.5 inch and I have no 'professional' way to mount it in my case. I considered duct-taping it to the side but it seems to fit snugly on top of the other harddisk.

I'm experimenting with Windows 7 x64 a bit. So far it's been hell trying to install all the software I used, but that would have been the same if I was using XP. So far I'm liking Win7, even though it completely looks like Vista to me.

One nasty thing that caught me off guard was when I tried to write this blogpost and suddenly my internet connection speed dropped down to about 900 bytes per second. Apparently this is a known issue and it can be fixed by disabling some obscure network components deep in the bowels of the OS. Did that, works fine now.

I am EXTREMELY pleased with the startup speed of applications. It's practically instant. Especially Photoshop loves the SSD. Other than that I don't have much to report yet. I'll still need several days to reinstall all drivers and applications...


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