The last day!

Shut down

Today a colleague asked me out of the blue: "rv, do you like your work?". Before I could think about the question, I already answered "Yes, very much". I guess I do like my job, subconsciously.

I learned a lot of things this year. Jsp, Glassfish, Apache, Linux, MacOS, Objective-C, Cocoa and XCode etc. etc. I always have the feeling that I'm not making progress, but that's not true. Slowly but surely I'm becoming accustomed to a lot of things. Rather than homing in on Java like I did the years before, this year I had the chance to develop myself in other ways. Although I may not always like that with which I am confronted (XCode and Objective-C in particular..), I am happy for the chance to work with something different. And the iPhone is just awesome.

Happy new year to all! This blog will continue next year too, not as usual, and I'm planning an interesting storyline already :D

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