A bunch of everything

Yesterday I got my new fenders installed by the new bike shop guy ^^. I've decided not to go back to the old bicycle shop where I originally bought my bicycle, because the owner is quite grumpy and not very nice to me. Now that the fenders are installed I added the other stuff, like the front rack and the bicycle computer. I got a wireless one this time because I had it happen twice before that the wire broke. And to make matters worse, I found big rust spots on the places where the wire was wrapped around the brake cable. I'm not too happy about that. I'd blame the other bike shop owner who fixed it up for me when I first got the bike, but I guess I would have attached it in the same way, so shikattanai (can't help it). Anyway, here's a pic of the current status. It actually looks quite dirty and shitty. I should clean it, and remove the rust from the suspension, brake line and screws.

Also, why is nobody voting?! Can't say I'm very motivated to continue my blog like this...

Finally, here's two HDR pics that I over-developed.

By the way: winter is REALLY cold!

Oh, I almost forgot! The youth heim was on fire a couple of days ago. Here's some firetrucks.

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