Super Awesome Cycling Pants

Last week after going to the Dutch embassy in Tokyo to renew my passport I decided to stop by a nice cycling store. I was looking for a long-sleeve shirt, but found that I look ridiculous in a professional cycling shirt as my belly sticks out.. I did buy cycling pants, and the reason that they are awesome is because they repel rain, keep me warm and prevent me from sweating too much. I didn't think it would make a big difference, but it really helped. Too bad I had to cycle in the rain to find out about the rain-repellingness..

I documented some cycling routes today, which I figured I'd share here. They're probably only useful for someone who lives in Atsugi, is interested in cycling and can read English. I think that's only me.

Click here to go to the Google Maps page.

(If you're wondering, today I did Mountain Long)

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