Hi all. It's March 9th and temperatures in Atsugi have suddenly reached the freezing point. After a couple of hours of almost-sunshine the rain started again, and it's been shitty for the whole day. I pray to the great spaghetti monster that the weather can improve before I depart, cause this has been one of the worst (not coldest, worst) winters yet for me in Japan. Let's see, what else is new?

I finally succumbed to gadgetlust and bought a GPS tracker. After my Gisteq broke last year I've been trying to get support from Gisteq, but they've been rather non-existent, so I've looked for a different brand this time. I ended up ordering this one, which seems to be similar or perhaps slightly worse to the Gisteq stuff, but it's big advantage is that it runs on an AA battery, which I can get pretty much anywhere.

The company's yearly medical check is tomorrow. I was wondering why they didn't just leave me out, as I'm quitting my job one week after the checkup, but I am scheduled tomorrow for two hours of wandering around other people's offices. The medical check consists of many sections, like an eye test, giving blood to be tested for diseases, measuring weight and height, x-rays and a bunch of other stuff that I can't remember right now. The funny thing is, all these sections are located in different places in the building. It usually happens that you have to visit the 19th floor for eye check, then the 16th floor for blood, then the ground floor for x-ray, then back to the 19th floor for height measurement etc. Normally this is kind of entertaining, but this around it's a costly two hours off of my remaining time that I will not be able to spend on finishing my work. But at least I'll get some stats on my health.

Work is hectic. I'm neglecting one project as much as possible in favor of finishing the other project in time, but the more time I spend on this project, the more work gets added. It'll be quite a trick to finish everything properly, but I"ll do my best. The project I'm working on has been my 'masterpiece' for the 4 years that I've worked at AK, and now I get to finish it as good as I can. Unfortunately that means rewriting a lot of crappy code... Code freeze, you say? Nope, no code freezing. It's code releasing until the bitter end!

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