Saved by the landlady!

Well, today the garbage people came to pick up my stuff, but they arrived crazily early, and I hadn't put all my stuff outside yet. Then they told me that I need to put 'disposal stamps' (that cost 500 yen each) on all of my items, which I didn't do, so they just left. Someone could have at least told me that I have to do that.. (Yes, recycle center phone reservation guy, I mean you)

Fortunately the youth heim landlady was there as well, and she was very kind to me. I'd been trying to get rid of my big stuff as quick and clean as possible, because I always see people leaving their mess behind in the youth heim when they leave, but the landlady told me that it's ok to keep on using my things until the day that I leave, and then I can leave it near the commonroom on the first floor. Then she'll find someone to sell it to or give it to someone. That certainly saves me a lot of trouble. Thank you 大家san!

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