Be all that you can be

I completed three major items on my checklist today.

I went back to Tokyo today to exchange my tent. After trying it out I was a bit worried that it would be too small, so I switched with a larger model. I'll be trying that out tonight, I guess :D

Second: my bicycle is fixed! I am so emotional about my new sprocket. It's quite vicious, actually - changing gears feels violent. I guess it will need some time to get settled in.

Third: I got a haircut.. It looks weird. My hair's never been this short, at least not since I was a baby. It's a bit military-ish, and my face now reminds me of Private Pyle from Full Metal Jacket. I think I prefer to have a bit more hair..

I can leave any time! Time to say my final goodbyes, get rid of the last stuff still remaining in my room, and then I'll go! Next week, if the sun can continue to shine.

Strange clouds near Atsugi
More clouds
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