Sakura saku

The hatopopo park in Atsugi, not too late at night, in a year where the sakura season is much colder than usual. Not many people are in the park right now, mostly because there's very light rain falling down all the time. It's not the time yet to be drink underneath the sakura tree until late at night. We can only hope that the weather improves before all the sakura disappear again..

I've been having a lot of fun lately, so much fun that I feel I'm enjoying myself too much. This kind of confuses me, because the kind of fun I'm having is the local hanging-out-with-friends kind that I could also have if I didn't quit my job. It makes me wonder if things would be the same right now if I hadn't quit. And if I knew I would be having this much fun right now, would I have quit my job three months ago? Questions, questions..

(Un-edited image here, my Canon S90 had some trouble getting the right white balance for this shot)

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