What to do with two bags of money?


Japanese banks suck for any number of reasons. I'll list the ones that frustrated me here:

  • They're not open on weekends. This is retarded.
  • On weekdays they close early in the afternoon.
  • You can deposit money from the ATM, but you have to insert each coin individually.
  • The counter that handles bulk deposits is only open in the morning.
  • This counter requires that you bring your bank book, just your cash card is not enough.

How can it be that in Japan all the small things are so convenient, but all the large institutions suck donkeyballs?

So, I went to the bank today (in the afternoon, without my bank book), and they couldn't help me deposit this massive amount of money into my bank account. I will probably have another chance to make a deposit before I leave, but this whole 'inconvenient bank' thing has left me thinking that there must be a more fun way to get rid of my money.

The two moneybags pictured above only hold 1 yen and 5 yen coins. I estimate that the total value of all coins is not above 1000 yen (~10$). While I could simply deposit this into my bank account, I am also open to suggestions as to what to do with the money. I don't want to bring it with me because it's heavy, so I want to get rid of it before I leave. I thought about 'accidentally' dropping it in the middle of Hon Atsugi station, or giving it to a homeless guy. If you have any suggestion please let me know :)

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