Restaurant conversations

Yesterday at a ramen place, there was a young guy sitting at the counter, looking absolutely like a criminal, except for one detail: he was wearing a bluetooth headset connected to his phone. This made him seem like a businessman, at least until he started talking. In typical Japanese gangster style there was a lot of "NANDATO KORRRRA, TEMEEE!" etc. meaning "What the f*ck, asshole". I was doubly surprised by this because I asked him about the weather just a few minutes before he started shouting, and he was all polite and nice. I almost laughed when he started yelling to the restaurant's owner: "MOM! This guy is pissing me off. I'm going to beat him up!"... I should have recorded the conversation because it was really funny.

Random snippets overheard today:

  • One middle-aged woman complaining to another middle-aged woman that her friend is acting like a bitch even though they earn the same salary.
  • School girls making fun of their friend. They did funny voices too.

And maybe more later.

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