I hate mornings

I really hate mornings. I'm getting up early every day so I can cycle more during daylight, which means getting up at 6AM, packing up and leaving at 7AM. That's what I did today. Thanks to the early wakeup I already did 60ks before lunch, but it just doesn't feel like fun until at least two hours have passed. The first hour I'm not woken up at all, and the second hour I'm ready to go but I still have to get into it. It's also still very cold. The cold was one reason that I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I went to bed early but I kept on waking up because of the cold. Another reason that I didn't get a lot of sleep is that the place I chose was more popular than I imagined, and several people walked by before I went to bed. This made me a bit paranoid because I was not supposed to sleep there, so I jumped at every noise and poked my head out of my tent to see if anybody was there. As a result I slept late because of the noise and woke up early because of the cold.

I was hoping I would start to like mornings more now that I have to wake up early every day. I've always been an evening person. It seems that won't change.

Camping again tonight!

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