The fallen obasan

After reaching the youth hostel I walked around the back to check my bicycle. It was already quite dark my then and the narrow road  towards the back area is even darker. Suddenly I saw a (very) old lady sitting in the middle of the road. She told me she was unable to move after she had fallen, apparently she hit a parked bicycle which fell over or something. She had a very strong accent and I had trouble understanding her, so I asked someone from the hostel for help. The old lady said she just needed some help getting up and then she would walk to her own house, which was just around the corner, but even the slightest movement made her cry with pain. Finally a friend of hers arrived and convinced her that it was better to call an ambulance. I hope that she's okay, but I'm guessing she might have broken her leg. How exactly she managed to hit a bicycle that was parked against the side of a building and then fall over and hit something so hard to break a bone is a mystery to me though. Get well soon, obaasan.

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